Saturday, January 15, 2011

Warriors of our faculty

Next week will be the week that we send our warriors out to war. The general formed teams to accept all the challenges from the enemies... Haha.. its not war actually... We will be competing in futsal, nasyid, ping pong, bowling, petanque and sepak takraw. We hope to at least bring home one gold medal. Its going to be tough, but we are up for it.

We have been training our futsal skills a lot during the past week. If we can make it to the semis, InsyaAllah we can go all the way. Our ability to sing nasyid is gradually improving but i'm having a hard time remembering the lyrics. But i'm sure its going to be okay. Sepak Takraw? Never played before and hope that the humiliation does not last long... But in anything we do, we will surely try to do our best... Anything worth doing is worth doing well... And more importantly we will have a good time crushing the enemies... Haha

I know that the doa from our supporters will definitely help us to achieve our goal.  I know that everyone thinks that the Faculty of Accountancy is only good will calculators. But we will prove them wrong and we will show that other parts of our body is just as quick and strong as our fingers...

InsyaAllah... and all the best to the Warriors of the Faculty of Accountancy